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We are proud to contribute to such a great cause as well as participate with a few of our own Mimosa Runners. We all stand united in the fight against cancer, a disease that has affected so many of us. And preparing for this race is a great way to stay in shape!


When I received Juliette’s email regarding help with the design and print I immediately knew it was a cause that I needed to support, especially after having recovered from a cancer scare 12 months earlier. The enthusiasm, positivity and pure happiness of these fine ladies team makes it an absolute pleasure to work with Mimosa Matters. The world needs charities and causes like this and I’m proud to be part of their team.

Pure Design

Currencies Direct are a committed sponsor to The Mimosa Charity , they have a fantastic group of ladies that work really hard to support a very worthwhile cause We are delighted as a company to be able to be associated with this charity and look forward to working with them in the future.

Currencies Direct

Christine aims to educate, inspire and motivate individuals in supporting their health through lifestyle, fitness and nutrition strategies.  She has been a personal trainer for 20 years and completed a BSc in Nutritional Therapy in January 2015.  A continual passion for learning more about the interactions on lifestyle and nutrition on our health, Christine is now studying an MSc in Personalized Nutrition. What is Nutritional Therapy? Nutritional Therapy applies science of how foods interact with each other inside the body to address imbalances and promote health. It is client-centered approach focusing on biochemical individuality and understanding metabolic, genetic, epigenetic and environmental differences among individuals.

Like most others Christine has lost family members and friends to cancer and being part of the Mimosa community makes her feel she is part of a very large team working towards helping others by using the health that she fortunately has.   Nutrition can make huge positive changes to our health and she would like to offer the knowledge she has to support those who feel “lost” amongst internet and newspaper blurb.

Her thoughts on running: “Running has been a big part of my life since forced to give up dancing due to a knee injury.  I started slowly and built up to 5km, turning running from a “chore/means of staying fit” to something I enjoyed.  I ran through both pregnancies and managed a 1/2 marathon in 1hr 33 mins 8 months after giving birth, with only one long run a week.  Until last year when I repeated this 21km, I have stuck to shorter distances and will run 4 times a week for 5-15 km depending on my mood.  Wherever I go my running shoes travel and I find so much pleasure in getting up and running in a new city or town.  So running has been a huge part of my adult life and I like sharing my enthusiasm for running with others.

Christine Kjeldbjerg

BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy, BANT, CNHC

Amber Design has been involved with the Mimosa Matters Team since its humble beginnings. We realised right away that the team was dedicated to providing much needed support for such a worthwhile cause, Cancer Research (tbc). We, like many others, have been touched personally by cancer. We thought it was something that always happens to someone else, however sadly this was not the case. Founder Tim Stares’ Mother lost her fight with skin cancer, and ever since this has been a very personal cause. Each run has been incredibly emotional and each year the support and number of runners grow at an amazing rate.

We are proud to be a part of Mimosa Matters, and will continue to support them every year. All the best to everyone who is involved, from the trainers, organisers and of course the runners, all of whom put in so much effort.

Great work Mimosa Matters Team, you’re all amazing, all the best for the training and run.


I would just like to say how much I enjoyed working with the Mimosa runners last year. We had a great training atmosphere and everyone always gave 100 % effort which resulted in some superb performances on race day. I was amazed at the commitment to such a wonderful charity as well as all the organisation,planning and effort by you and all the team. On a professional level I met many new clients who became good friends over the many months we trained together. I think you do truly inspiring work and I was proud and privileged to be part of the Mimosa family. I wish you and everyone connected great success this year, I know many of you will exceed last years achievements in the marathon. Train hard.

Phil Jeremy

It’s my absolute pleasure to contribute and support the amazing Mimosa Matters Charity Organisation, it’s a charity close to my heart as I know it actually helps local people within the community where I live, who desperately need support when faced with the big ‘C’ or maybe that should be a little ‘c’. ‘Mimosa Matters’ for me is a fantastic positive community of people to be involved with, the high spirits and astounding dedication from the committee of ladies, many of whom are close friends is astounding and inspiring. All have an amazing positive ‘get things done’ attitude and can laugh along the way. On a personal level, as a sibling to a fully recovered breast cancer patient, sister-in law to a current ovarian cancer patient, and auntie to an amazing nephew with Retinoblastoma aka eye tumour cancer, I have certainly seen my share of the highs and lows that go along with the territory of cancer. All of which are daunting, frightening and all too overwhelming, just too many people are affected and need as much help and support as we can give them.

If everyone just gives a little then together the road is a little easier, by giving I don’t just mean money [though this obviously is why we keep on going year after year, as the money raised really does make a difference], it’s also the support and care we give each other that we remember the most…. A bit ‘cheesy’ but from the heart.

The money raised through the donations of my original Chris Savage Model drawings has been brilliant, I am thrilled that it helps to brighten up the new owners homes or offices, as well as raise funds for much needed resources.

I’ll also be running for the Mimosa Runners Cannes Relay again this year, as its great way to get fit and have a laugh along the way, cause we can all do with a bit of lightness in our day!

Chris Savage

Naked Art

An Irish Pub is more than a drinking house serving pints of Guinness. Even though the black stuff is an integral part of the equation, an Irish Pub is about family and community; a place to go to celebrate births, toast victories and to find consolation in bad times. It is a central hub where people meet friends, future spouses, share experiences and put the World to rights. Ma Nolan’s is a family company first established in Nice in 2005. Thady Nolan named his Vieux Nice based flagship pub for his mum back in Ireland, he met Mela his wife in this pub shortly after opening and their four children have all poured their first pints of Guinness behind the same bar. We currently have three Ma Nolan’s pubs, the second opened in Nice Port and third in Cannes. We are proud to be a genuine Irish Pub and all that symbolises and we put a lot of importance in supporting our communities, both in Nice and Cannes, sponsoring local charities and sports teams.

The Mimosa Foundation is an exceptional example of work in the community. In a short space of time, they have become an established charity, raising significant amounts to support cancer patients and their families through local events and hard work. We are honoured to be able to support the Mimosa Nice Cannes Marathon event for the second year. Cancer is a disease with such a long reach into our families and communities. The vast majority of us have been affected by the disease and we must all fight to prevent it from having such a devastating effect on future generations.

Ma Nolans

Unfortunately most of us have either been directly touched by cancer or have seen its effects through friends or family. It was therefore with great pleasure and hope that we got out from behind our desks and put on our running shoes to help raise funds in the fight against cancer. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, from the training sessions to the get together party and massages afterwards, not to forget the run in between! This is all thanks to the amazing Mimosa charity members who made this all happen. Taking part in the run was an awesome experience, but raising much needed funds for cancer was our greatest achievement.

Blevins Franks

When I met the “Mimosa ladies” for the first time, I was immediately impressed by the sincerity of their engagement.
Their great energy even convinced me to start running which led me in participating in the Nice-Cannes marathon!

Being an event organiser, I later had the opportunity to help the Mimosa team setting up their last year annual Cocktail Party in Cannes. Working with these wonderful and cheerful ladies and helping them raising money has been a real pleasure.

I also had to fight cancer during my youth. I know how important it is to feel love and support during the battle and that the smallest gesture or attention can give you the strength you might be lacking.

So just keep up the great work and good spirit, you ARE making a difference!

Fanny Gaglio

Thalya Events

The Spectrum IFA group and I have been involved with Mimosa Matters since the beginning. When I was approached to be a sponsor of the first Mimosa Ball in 2015 I was delighted to participate; we are all touched by the horrors and the inspirational stories connected to Cancer every day, so I didn’t hesitate to find out more. This is a group of wonderful women leading a tremendous ‘movement’ to help a charity that does genuine good for local patients and their families and which has been so inclusive of the local expatriate community, how could I say no?
As well as being a sponsor for the ball (of the brilliant table side magician if memory serves me right)… I also wanted to get involved with more than just a wallet… so I pulled on my trainers and the ubiquitous bright yellow T-shirt and ran for Mimosa Runners in the terrific Nice to Cannes relay marathons. Rehab on an injured ankle depending, I will run again for Mimosa this year and for as long as they will have me.
My life here and my business, as one of 50 advisers in Europe (20 in France) for the Spectrum IFA Group, is deeply associated with the local expatriate community and I am proud to wear the yellow wrist band as often as I can to try and raise more awareness and money for such an important cause…even in client meetings!!
The Spectrum IFA Group is Europe’s largest expatriate financial advisory brokerage; we help people to deal with their financial affairs in English across 7 European countries and are experts in finding independent solutions for individuals and businesses with cross-border operations, assets, income and taxes. I have been working for Spectrum on the French Riviera for 14 years and have been a financial planner and wealth manager for 20 years. www.spectrum-ifa.com/peter-brooke/
The strength of a community can be seen by how well everyone bands together and creates great things from bad situations and I believe that the local English speaking community on the Riviera has proved over and over again that it can perform wonders… a lot of this is thanks to the Mimosa board and the movement they have created. The Spectrum IFA Group look forward to being involved with Mimosa long into the future.
Peter Brooke (Cert PFS)

Peter Brooke

Spectrum IFA group