Who We Are

Meet the team and learn their stories.

Mimosa was set up as a “kitchen-table charity” on the Riviera three years ago by a team of nine women who have all seen Cancer close up. Our collective experience of the illness indirectly through seeing friends and family suffer gave us a simple shared desire – to help make a difference. From different parts of the UK and Europe, we have all chosen to base ourselves in the South of France, and felt it was important to give back to the local community that has embraced us.

We are by no means experts but we have heart and conviction and have pooled our combined talents to dedicate ourselves to raising funds for local cancer associations and individuals.

Our Team

Our purpose is to establish a community spirit in our region, all supporting and investing in various Mimosa fund-raising events, committed to the fight against Cancer. This charitable foundation is made up of a Board of nine members…

Ellie Goblet d’Alviella

Previously based in London, I left a career of eleven years in public relations six years ago and moved to the Riviera with my family. I worked for a leading full service PR agency for some of the world’s best brands based across the luxury and mass market fields and directed PR campaigns in the UK.

I have three young daughters who I’m ridiculously gaga over and devote the majority of my time to but in the past three years have been a part of Mimosa. Like all the members of the committee, I have been indirectly affected by Cancer. My younger brother Charlie Howden was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer at 34 and was the very reason we started fundraising. Devastatingly, he lost his battle last year but I’m committed to helping others who have had to face what he did and continue what we started.

Camilla Trevelyan-Daley

After a career in property in London, I then moved to the Cote d’Azur where I assisted with the running of a super car club. Here, I was fortunate to meet many individuals, both in the South of France, Monaco and beyond. From these meetings, my business partner and I developed a Lifestyle and events business where many interesting individuals would discuss their philanthropic avenues and interests into charity work.

I was extremely fortunate to be approached by the Mimosa founding ladies to join their team. Like so many, I have experienced the trauma of cancer touching a family member and due to the fantastic care in a local 06 hospital, we had a happy outcome from this dreadful time. By combining my past experience,both personally and professionally, I hope to be able to contribute in every way possible through our events, support network and funding to assist those who need it most.

Juliette Clarkin

We moved as a family to France from Ireland in 2012. My mother was French and she passed away after a long 14 year battle with Cancer. Cancer repeatedly continued to take members of my family away, and therefore I felt it was important for me and my children to reconnect with our french heritage.

With over 20 years of Marketing experience in Ireland, and an active supporter of the Irish Cancer Society, it was a serendipitous moment when Mimosa was created in the South of France. I had witnessed too many peoples lives turned upside down from Cancer and was faced with the overwhelming desire to do something in my new community to help.

I am honoured to have founded Mimosa alongside 8 other amazing ladies and together we are doing our bit to rally support, funds and positivity in the fight against Cancer in our local community.

Ruth Jiggins

I was a UK Chartered Accountant in a former life and have lived in France since 2001. With the arrival of the first of my three children in 2005, I gave up my professional career and have been a mum and serial volunteer ever since.

We moved to the Cote d’Azur in search of the sun in August 2016 and I was lucky enough to be at the right lunch table at the right time to get involved in the wonderful work of Mimosa. I feel very privileged to have met this inspiring group of ladies. They are providing me with much needed friendship in a new town and also giving me a very meaningful cause to get involved in. Finding a cure for Cancer is one of the biggest challenges facing our world and to be involved on such a local level is particularly rewarding.

Sophie James

I worked for 10 years in London before my husband’s job brought us to the South of France in 2007.  The majority of my time was spent working for a property development company specialising in the building of Primary Health Care centres across the UK.  Though mainly working on the administration side, my role was broad and included marketing and the website.

Shortly after moving to France we had our two children and they have kept me more than busy until in 2014 some wonderful girlfriends and I decided to organise a dinner dance to raise much needed funds for a local cancer charity. Mimosa was born and together we have gone on to organise further events for this great cause.  I feel privileged to be a part of this fantastic team, doing our bit for the local community.

Emma Nyman

I was based in London before moving to the Riviera.  I worked for  3 different telecoms company and spent the last 8 years as an Account Director for a telecoms management consultancy advising FTSE 100 companies on their telecoms strategy.  The business experience I gained from my corporate career has been built upon with Mimosa as I am responsible for all financial dealings for each event.

Whilst not working, I was part of the British Red Cross London Volunteers Committee.  Our remit was to organise fund raising events that were specifically aimed at 20 – 30 year olds working in London.     What I learned during the volunteer work in London has been invaluable for helping with the events we have organised for Mimosa on the Riviera.

Sara Parks

Born and raised in, Malmo, Sweden. I quickly grew fond of traveling and my first stop was the South of France in 1998. I then started working on private yachts and spend most of my time sailing in the South Pacific, cooking for private yacht owners.

After having my first son in Sydney I decided to move back to the Cote d’Azur and to continue my passion for cooking by setting up my own catering company; Sparks Cuisine.

After finding out that I am a carrier of the gene BRCA1 and having to make some tough decisions, losing my mother to cancer this year and other close family members I am determined to try to make a difference. I am therefore honoured to be part of the Mimosa team trying do my best to help people in similar positions.

Gemma Bishop

Having spent most of my Twenties working as a private chef on yachts around the world, the Cote D’Azur was a perfect place to settle.  My children were born here and over the last ten years I have had first hand experience of how our wonderful community can make a real difference.

I am very proud to have been a part of the Mimosa team since 2013.  At times it has been very emotional as friends and family have battled this terrible disease, however it is very exciting and rewarding to see our ‘kitchen table’ idea grow year on year.  I know that Mimosa has and will continue to support some wonderful initiatives on the Riviera.

Marilen Kenington

A lawyer by profession, I worked for 15 years as an executive in a brewing multinational BBat local, regional and C level.
In 2010, I chose this beautiful part of the world to be my home and in 2013 I left the rat race to become an Executive Coach.

In fall 2013 I had the opportunity to join the wonderful Mimosa Committee and their fight against cancer – a cause very close to my heart. Cancer hit very close to home twice in the past 3 years; luckily both of my loved ones are around to tell the story.

I have long stopped thinking that I can change the world; I settled for changing some people’s life for the better and I do believe that as part of Mimosa, I can achieve that.

I have the fond hope that I will, in my lifetime, witness a majour breakthrough and see this horrible illness defeated.

Anissa Perkins

I was born in Casablanca, studied Business in Montreal, followed by a career in the luxury fashion industry in Paris. With my husband and four beautiful children we then moved to London for 10 years. During all my travels and stays in various different cities across the globe, be it for career or family, I have always felt an obligation to give back to the community that welcomes me, and have always got involved in a local charity in some way.

Four years ago we then moved to the South of France and I was delighted to be able to continue that dedication to charity work and get involved with the Mimosa Committee and their crusade against Cancer. This is a cause that is very close to my heart and unfortunately impacts so many of us today. I am honoured to be part of the fabulous Mimosa Story and our dedication to supporting the local community and people who face and have faced Cancer.